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The Great Rift Valley stretches approximately 4000 miles (6400 kilometers) in length, and runs from northern Syria to central Mozambique in South East Africa.

Astronauts say it is the most significant physical detail on the planet that is visible from space.

The Great Rift Valley is home to some of the most unique geography, scenery, flora and fauna, and cultures on the planet. In its path have been found the oldest human fossils and ironically it has also been the bedrock upon which three major religions in the world have been built. Sadly many of the countries that sit upon its path have been at and still are at war over resources, political, cultural and religious beliefs. It seems as if this geological phenomenon is the epicentre of what divides east and west, north and south.

“As I see it, the biggest threat to PEACE, is our insatiable appetite for a bigger PIECE”.                                                                       Waterworth Owen

Although the Great Rift Valley is comprised of three distinct rifts: the Jordan Rift Valley, the Red Sea Rift and the East African Rift, they are deeply connected and serves as a metaphor and inspiration for Heal the Rift.

Heal the Rift is a creative challenge to remedy the rift between people, planet and prosperity along the length and breadth of the Great Rift Valley and the urgent need for ‘Peace in the Valley’.

The vision, mission and magnificent obsession of Heal the Rift is to unite musicians, artists, designers and social entrepreneurs to raise awareness of the Big 5 – Water, Food, Energy, Education and Enterprise. For example take a listen to Ron Nkomba’s Tribute -


Rural Malawian women are notoriously hard working and nurturing, carrying their babies with them on their backs as they go to hoe in the fields. They lead hard lives, rising early to fetch water and firewood for their husband's baths and for cooking and preparing the family breakfast before leaving for their back breaking work in the fields. They bear many children and often die young, either in childbirth or through the attrition of a hard life. Unfortunately they are overlooked as not being equal to men in our society that traditionally reveres the boy child over the girl. We as Malawian men need to respect, help and honour our women - our wives, our sisters and our mothers - and ease the burden of their labour by assisting them, even if it means carrying water from the river for them.

Written and Directed by Ron Nkomba Filmed and Produced by Christopher @ KRC Productions

Thanks to Jizammy, Amina (mama), "Shuga" (husband) and everyone at Kubwinja Ethnic Lodge


Stay tuned as Heal the Rift responds and contributes to the challenges of ResponseAble Development and achieving Peace and Reconciliation in the Great Rift Valley through the universal language of music, art, design and responsible social entrepreneurship.

If you would like to support and/or get involved with this unique project, contact:


Call UK + (0)1252 710247