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We conduct intensive, inspiring and highly interactive In House workshops - one day journeys towards Responsible Environmentally Aware Leadership entitled: Get REAL 101 - Read more

And a number of Out of Office Experiences - Leadership, Management and Personal Development training in nature has an extraordinary power to arouse the creative process, inspire the human spirit, and to increase personal responsibility.

In both programmes - students, teachers, employees, managers and executives discover, discuss and challenge themselves while exploring the breadth, depth and complexity of creativity and innovation, management and leadership, responsibility and sustainability.


The greatest challenge in the pursuit of sustainability is behavioural change. It is common belief that by raising awareness, increasing knowledge, compliance and regulation - attitudes and behavior will change. This belief is proving not to be the case. Many studies, surveys and reports document that these initiatives alone often has little or no effect upon sustainable behavior. Millions upon millions are spent annually on media advertising to encourage individuals and business to reduce, reuse and recycle, conserve energy and water etc. Despite these enormous expenditures, these campaigns have produced very little impact. There are more effective ways to change behaviour.

The wilderness regions of Kenya, Namibia, Australia and Egypt are our creative ‘sand boxes’. Participants, or EcoVenturers as we prefer to call them, all participate on an uneven, desert, mountain, valley, dry river bed, forest, oasis and ocean ‘playing field’. They are challenged to explore, discover and think outside the box - and often to ‘burn the box’.

Participants are encouraged to get a little crazy, dump self limiting conditioning, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviour, and learn to trust in themselves and others.

Reboot LeadershipReboot LeadershipRebot Leadership

Our journeys and programmes support local communities by enhancing local entrepreneurship, maintaining essential gardens, protecting forrests, conserving water resources, and through interactive involvement participants return home with new knowledge, inspired and motivated to embed responsibility and sustainability in their communities, companies and corporations.

Together we can improve creativity and innovation, conserve wilderness areas, protect biodiversity and valuable resources, advocate change in the right direction, motivate management, support inspired leadership, accelerate a responsibility revolution, seek sustainable solutions and maintain an enlightened and optimistic world.

Our training programmes and expeditions are endorsed and supported by many trail blazing organisations and luminaries such as Robert Swan OBE - The first man in history to have walked to both the North and South Poles. In the video above (right) Robert shares his thoughts on sustainability, climate change, maintaining inspiration, life skills and the value of leadership training and team building in wilderness areas.


“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”. ~ Robert Swan OBE.

For more information about the programme email: or call Gary on UK (0)1252 719016 for an informal chat about the benefits of participating.

Our projects and training programmes draw on thirty years experience of adventures, expeditions and social entrepreneurship in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Egypt and Europe.

Call UK + (0)1252 719016

Our Vision, Mission and M.O.

Our Vision, Mission and MO.

Heal the Rift.

Heal the Rift.

Get REAL 101  In House Training
Get Responsible Environmentally Aware Leadership Experience
The Centre for Sustainable Design
Responsibility 911 Bestseller.

Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Gen.Norman Schwartzkopf, Warren Bennis, Pope John Paul II and Gary Waterworth Owen are just 6 of the 56 authors in this best seller, making a strong and diversified case for a Responsibility Revolution.

THIRST Things First

 REAL Journeys with the

REAL Journeys
Lengthen Your Stride
Culture Conscious Conservation
Support Our Scouts
Indigenous Collective

Invest in original art and support community based development and nature conservation.

Mini Movies.
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