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“If it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled or composted, then it should be restricted, redesigned or removed from production.” ~ Pete Seeger

Village Impact


Bolera Inventor by Garreth Waterworth Owen - Starring Jonathan Kapute was nominated in the Top 4 Filmlets in the 2013 Off-Grid Experts Awards 

Can you just imagine what he could do with all the ‘stuff’ we throw away after Christmas?

Village Impact

You can help make a positive impact in Bolera Village - the impact it will make on you - will last a lifetime!

Since 1992 at the first Earth Summit in Rio - Gary Waterworth Owen has produced and presented hundreds of workshops, lectures and presentations about Responsibility and Sustainability including Award Winning Waste and Life Cycle Thinking (See Ezine below) and about breaking the traditional `take, make, waste' linear business model by embarking upon a journey of more efficient and responsible ways of doing business. Landfills all over the developed world are filled with products that won awards for many a designer. Waste is being designed in and the only solution is to design it out!


If you were a product at the end of your life, where would you like to be?  Africa!  Why?  Because in Africa products are valued resources and have nine lives. You’re never discarded but reincarnated, reinvented, redistributed and put to good use. You are non-disposable. You are indispensable. You will be well looked after. No matter if you’re bent out of shape, someone will straighten you out, and if you fall apart and go to pieces, rest assured someone will rehabilitate you. You will never meet the tragic fate of so many products in wealthier lands. You will never be stuffed in a closet or drawer and simply forgotten. You will not be cast off as ‘junk’ or tossed out as ‘trash’. You will never - go to waste! African genius for creating new things is endless. You may even end up in the hands of teenager - Jonathan Kapute!  Or you may end up in the hands of El Anatsu and become immortal and worth more than when you were alive.