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Responsibility 911


Along with luminaries such as: Barack Obama, Oprah, Denis Waitley, Jack Canfield, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Rudy Giuliani, Pope John Paul, Tom Peters, Mark Victor Hansen, Warren Bennis and Bob Proctor to name a few, Gary is a contributing author to the publication of: Responsibility 911.

Responsibiltiy 911 is an anthology that makes a strong and diversified case for the role responsibility plays in a free society.

Responsibility 911, is an inspiring year long executive/employee training tool of insight into what keeps freedom and democracy alive.

Responsibility 911 - With Great Liberty Comes Great Responsibility

Ken Shelton and Daniel Louis Bolz – Editors  Publisher

* Authors in red are Statue of Responsibility Foundation - International Honorary Advisory Council members.


Foreword: Warren Bennis

Preface: Mark Victor Hansen

Introduction: Daniel Louis Bolz, President & CEO, The Statue of Responsibility Foundation

Section 1: Personal Responsibility

 “The New 3 R’s: Respect – Responsibility – Rights” by Gary P. Waterworth Owen

“The Success Principle” by Jack Canfield

“The Kite: From Freedom to Responsibility” by Dr. Claudio G. Pintos

“Freedom and Responsibility: The Twin Pillars of the Good Life by Dr. Paul T.P. Wong

“Broken Windows” by Michael Levine

“An American Anagram” by Tom Schaff

 ‘100% Responsibility’ by Taylor Hartman

“The End of Excuses” by Kate Ludeman and Eddie Erlandson

“God Has a Plan for You” by Bishop Desmond Tutu

“You Need Not Be Superman” by Christopher Reeve

“Contemporary Morality” by Pope John Paul

“Serving Humanity” by Pope John Paul

“Be Faithful” by Gordon B. Hinckley

Section 2: Rights and Responsibilities

“The Statue of Responsibility” by Senator George S. McGovern

“Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Meaning” by Dr. Alex Pattakos

“Understanding Freedom and Responsibility” by Reese Haller

“Statue of Responsibility” by Denis Waitley

“Rights & Responsibilities” by Dallin H. Oaks

“Making a Better World” by Peter Senge

“Everybody Matters” by George W. Bush

“Pursuing Excellence” by Tom Peters

Section 3: Moral Leadership

“The Dynamics of Responsibility” by William O. Perry

“Reframing Responsibility in a Globalized World: An Islamic Perspective” by Dr. Nabyl Eddahar

“Leadership and Responsibility, One Frankl’s Perspective, by Elliott Frankl

“Courage to Lead” by Johnnie Taylor

 “Moral Courage” by Senator John McCain

“True Leadership” by General Norman Schwartzkopf

“Lessons for Leaders” by Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Why Lead?” by Phil Swift

“Why Self-Discipline?” by Dr. Alan Keyes

“You Have a Role to Play”, by Barack Obama

“Never Retreat”, by Rudy Guiliani

Section 4: Accountability vs. Entitlement

“Just Another Statue? No Way!” by Dr. Joseph Thannickal

“Accountability for Results” by Peter Block

“Create a Culture of Accountability” by Roger Connors and Tom Smith

“Moral Laryngitis” by Laura P. Hartman

“Transforming Entitlement” by Dan Prosser

“Real Accountability” by Carolyn B. Thompson and James W. Ware

“Being Accountable” by Paul G. Stoltz

“The Ecology of Success” by Gifford Pinchot

“Action This Day” by Ross Perot

“Accountability at Enron” by Peter Koestenbaum

“A Vision of My Life” by Oprah Winfrey

“Accountability” by Louis Zachary

Section 5: Corporate Responsibility and Ethics

“The Point of Corporate Purpose” by Christine Arena

“Strengthening America with Values-Driven Investing” by Carter B. LeCraw

“Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility” by Charles Garfield

“Corporate Responsibility” by Anita Roddick

“Corporate Responsibility” by Mark Albion

“My Responsibility” by Arthur Blank

“Social Responsibility” by Ken P. Cohen

 “Be Transparent” by Mike Farris

“Never Give Up” by Bill Marks

“Social Responsibility” by Bill Marriott

“Shaping the Way” by Barbara Tofler

“Becoming Great and Good” by Jeff Immelt

Photo Section A 16 page photo and architectural rendering insert section in the middle of the book.


I “Reflections on Responsibility”, by Gary Lee Price

Bill of Responsibilities, copyright by the Freedom’s Foundation at Valley Forge

Statue of Responsibility Foundation