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Khaled Amin

In 1998 Khaled had been living in Dahab, southern Sinai for 15 years and opened Sub Sinai / Sinai Adventures. From the beginning, his aim was to run a highly professional dive operation and desert safari adventure company. He explored the reefs around Dahab, both to the North and South, mainly by camel as many of the best spots are inaccessible by vehicle. The Red Sea is one of the best known diving areas in the world. It is famous for its amazing variety of color and form, beautiful reefs and for some massive coral tables.

After a few years of working together, numerous desert safaris and in celebration of 2010 - the International Year of Biodiversity, he and the Response Ability Alliance / Lengthen Your Stride team completed between November and December 2009 a 32 day expedition, blazing a new 370 km. trail - from the Gulf of Suez, across the Sinai Desert, to and below the Gulf of Aqaba - supported and guided by Abu Radi - one of Sinai’s oldest and best known guides, plus

Abu Radi

6 Bedouin (including: Khaled Salman - the Scorpion Prince), 14 camels and a dog named: Mangool.