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Malawi Floods Appeal

Keeping their heads above water has never been easy for the people of Malawi.

Malawi Floods Appeal


Malawi - one of the poorest countries in the world faces an unprecedented disaster. Village Impact has made a positive impact over the last few years but the recent floods are devastating. We are on the ground and have the ability to respond but need your help urgently.


Floods don't just kill people by drowning them. They kill people by destroying crops, which means famine. They kill people by spreading disease. They kill people by washing away homes, possessions and livelihoods, leaving nothing to survive on.

This is not just a disaster that will last a few days or weeks until the ground dries up. For many, it will last for years.

Rosie Blunt - BBC Correspondent reporting on the floods in Malawi  

This is an urgent appeal for donations. We are in Malawi and responding as best we can with limited resources.

Malawi Floods Appeal

Update 2015 - According to UN estimates, it will take five years and $ 400 million to rebuild the flooded areas. The official statistics of the Government of Malawi reported that about half a million homes were destroyed or damaged in the 15 districts affected by the floods.

Malawi Floods Appeal