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Martin Charter

Martin is an expert in product sustainability and sustainable innovation with extensive management, consultancy and training experience.

He is presently Director of The Centre for Sustainable Design ® and Professor of Innovation and Sustainability at the University for the Creative Arts. Martin has worked at director level on [business sustainability] issues in consultancy, leisure, publishing, training, events and research for 25 years. Prior to this he held in a range of management positions in strategy, research & marketing in gardening, building products, trade exhibitions, financial services & consultancy including Save & Prosper Group, Reed International, Creative Marketing Group & Kiveton Park (Holdings) Ltd.

Martin was the launch Director of Greenleaf Publishing, Marketing Director at the Earth Centre & former director of SME networks focused on sustainable business, green electronics and eco-innovation. Martin was the founding editor of the Journal of Sustainable Product Design, The Green Management Letter & Greener Management International (GMI) and is presently a member of the Editorial Boards of GMI & the International Journals of Sustainable Engineering & Sustainable Design. Martin has been a member of advisory boards covering green electronics, environmental technology, sustainability reporting & sustainable innovation e.g. for P&G & InterfaceFlor.

He sits on the expert boards of the EC Eco-Innovation Observatory, World Resources Forum and is an expert to the EC Foresight programmes on the Industry Landscape Vision (2025) and Eco-innovation (2035). Martin is the chairman of ISO 14006 (eco-design management systems) & was previously UK expert to both ISO and BSI groups on ISO TR 14062 (eco-design). Martin is the producer & organiser of the ‘Sustainable Innovation’ international conference series that is its 19th year. He is a regular international conference speaker, author & editor of various books and publications including Greener Marketing (1992 & 1999), The Green Management Gurus [e-book] (1996), Managing Eco-design (1997), Sustainable Solutions (2001), System Innovation for Sustainability (2008) & Eco-innovate! (2013).

Martin has an MBA from Aston Business School (UK) and postgraduate diploma in marketing. Martin was a delegate at The Earth Summit in Rio in 1992 and was recently awarded a World Green Design Contribution Award at the World Green Design Forum 2013 for his International Contribution to Green Design.