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Saxon Logan -  Portrait by Kayo Fusejima for Sleepwalker PR Sylvia

Saxon is an award winning British filmmaker with extensive experience in television broadcasting and has been responsible for many significant arts and wild life programmes.

Much like his mentor Lindsay Anderson, Saxon is a 'vocational' filmmaker; working only on films in which he takes a strong personal interest. After a year- long stint at The Royal Court Theatre culminating in his directing Dr. Galley at the Traverse Theatre, Saxon worked as personal assistant to Lindsay Anderson on the director's satire O LUCKY MAN! He then joined BBC TV. During this period he completed two award winning short films: STEPPING OUT and WORKING SURFACE and works as a producer on the BBC Art's strand Omnibus.

He made critical acclaimed documentaries on DIRK BOGARDE and the figurative sculptor RAYMOND MASON eventually leaving to work as an independent documentary producer/director. Among award-winning work for Channel 4 and ITV, BLACK RHINO - THE LAST STAND and PLACE OF THE SKULLS brought the plight of these endangered African species to the attention of an international audience. Although further work for television was to follow, Saxon directed and co-wrote SLEEPWALKER, a remarkable combination of political satire and horror that won acclaim at the Berlin Film Festival and the special jury prize. Its resonance and celebrity is revered. Of his film-making the late Lindsay Anderson wrote: "his talent as a filmmaker is prodigious, he deserves and can effortlessly fill a large canvas... The fact he chooses to exercise this gift selectively makes his work all the more valuable."

He is working on various film projects notably a documentary on Mozambican journalist CARLOS CARDOSO and the GATE OF THUNDER, based on Victorian explorer Dr. Livingston's ill-fated Zambezi expedition. With funding from the DCMS he has recently completed work on a screenplay called FREEDOM: an epic tale of conflict, tyranny, hopes and dreams.

Saxon's documentaries on Big Game Hunting, Golden Lion Tamarin in Brazil and the late Peruvian conservationist Felipe Benavides have all received wide spread critical acclaim and he was made an Honorary Fellow of The Royal Geographical Society.

The British Film Institute are releasing Saxon’s films SLEEPWALKER, STEPPING OUT and WORKING SURFACE on DVD and BLU-Ray in September 2013.

Saxon’s latest film, SYLVIA: TRACING BLOOD receives its US premiere in March 2017.  It is distributed worldwide by Entertainment One (eOne).