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Stone Kyambedde

“Stone Kyambadde was a successful professional football player until somebody in a match purposely ‘blew out’ his knee. He could have become vindictive or revengeful. He could have wallowed in self-pity or lived in his celebrity for the rest of his life. Instead he chose his response and devoted his life to inspire and encourage ‘youth at risk’ on the streets of Kampala, Uganda. With unrelenting passion he has reached out to the young men in his country so, that they, too, can learn to govern their own lives, gain a vision of becoming professional soccer players, then becoming economically self-reliant, responsible adults, fathers and contributing citizens”. ~Dr Stephen Covey

His life, passion and ability to respond to the challenges of living responsibly in the 21st century was the inspiration for a DVD made by the Covey Leadership Centre and is featured prominently in Stephen Covey’s international best seller: ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People’ and 8th Habit.

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Over the years Stone and Gary have become close friends and have worked together on the ResponseABILITY Alliance ‘Clean Up Kampala Campaign’. The project collected soccer kit in the UK for Stone’s -Wolves soccer team programme in Kampala. The youth collected waste and disposed of it responsibly, then were rewarded with the much needed kit and earned places on his Cornerstone Soccer and Life Skills programme.

Stone is a Christian but lives in a Muslim neighbourhood, with a Muslim landlord. His daily work engenders peace and harmony in his community. Socially he cares for and is an inspiration to each child, parent and person he meets.

In 2010 Stone was made a Vice President of Uganda’s Football Federation and the inspiration for the International Sport Connection and has recently returned from Egypt and the USA where he successfully completed a training programme as an instructor for Football Coaches in Africa and is now lending his support to the Bolera Eagles Soccer Team in Malawi