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What others have to say:

Our various training programmes, learning journeys and expeditions have been conducted for multi-national corporations, companies, SME’s, NGO’s, institutions, entrepreneurs and business schools in Europe, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda and Egypt.


Take a look at what Robert Swan OBE says:



“Gary has delivered some of the most powerful talks and workshop sessions in the 'history' of the Creative Challenge. Gary talked on the same day that the late Tony Benn delivered his talk and I recall Tony telling me of being most impressed! Don't miss out on Gary.” ~ Uwe Derksen, Assistant Director of Research & Enterprise / University for the Creative Arts

“I learnt more about ‘sustainability’ in one day than I have in 2 years. If any company wants to ensure they’re on the right track then I strongly suggest you choose Gary as your guide.”

‘This man is a true visionary!’

‘A huge thank you for inspiring us. I love it when a speaker just stands up and provokes the audience to view things from different perspectives and get courageous to go and bloody do something!’

‘Having spoken to Gary about putting the journey together to help our people, I thought it was exactly the right thing. Having attended, I am now sure.’

‘An unnervingly serious man with a mischievous glint in his eye, Gary brought our conference delegates to their feet in applause with his message and sense of humour ’.

 ‘Get packing Bill ... you’re off to Get REAL and Lengthen Your Stride ... best memo my boss ever wrote.’

‘I found this a very interesting, stimulating and practical period, run by a well informed and knowledgeable person, obviously Gary is a very committed person.’

‘This was so much more than a management programme, it was a deep inward wandering, a spiritual journey of the human heart to the heart of the sacred, a real journey of meaning and purpose.’

‘This programme has opened myself to new ideas and a stronger belief in sharing ideas with others. I am leaving with a lot more confidence.’

‘Having attended many leadership programs, this program is in my experience unique-one of kind. The principles and ideas put forward are as relevant to life in general and to ones individual and family relationships, as they are to business.’

‘This is the first leadership training I have been exposed to since leaving college 25 years ago. It has taught me much and I leave with the full intention of implementing as much as possible.’

‘Those moments of stillness and silence gave me a chance to reflect. To pause from my filled-with-distractions life has been all too rare in recent years. As an added bonus, the act of daily journaling and mapping the steppingstones and milestones in my life has helped to free me of the internal editor that has long made writing such a difficult thing. I can finally write little passages like these without too much agony. It really is an important tool in finding clarity, focus and alignment.’

‘What can I say, let me think…Gary how about a job? You are really helping to make this world a better place for present and future generations…I salute you.’

‘I found it very inspiring and personally challenging. I wish it was available 20 yrs ago.’

“This thoughtful and inspiring talk by Gary Waterworth Owen from ResponseAbility Alliance reminded us of the REAL important things that matter. Very thoughtful, good for the soul... a very well organised event in a beautiful and surreal setting at The Roof Gardens!! When is the next event!!”

“The event on Friday was phenomenal! Both speakers, Lord Mawson and Gary were inspiring, engaging and set some aspirations for myself as well as the students. Look forward to the next series of events and activities. Thanks for involving me!”