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Village Impact

A Woman’s Work is Never Done!

If hard work alone was the secret to success, every woman in Africa would be a millionaire!


A day in the life of Mrs Mbeko in Bolera Village, Malawi

"A wonderful video by Garreth Waterworth Owen on a day in the life of a rural Malawian woman. They work so hard and get so little thanks. Thanks to all our mothers, sisters and aunts, and thanks to Garreth for making this short film and using my song for it. Honoured." Ron Nkomba




Song title: Mama. Artist: Ron Nkomba


International Women’s Day - March 8 2014

The women of Bolera Village, Malawi - wish all the women around the world a Happy Women’s Day!



Pharrell Williams - HAPPY in Bolera Village, Malawi



Ubuntu - Community Life in Bolera village



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