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Ron Nkomba

Ron born and raised in Malawi, believes in the concept of the Renaissance Man - a multi-disciplinary approach to life, the arts and the sciences. Architecture is his career focus, while music, diving and painting inform and enrich this. He believes in the desperate need to reduce and improve our human impact on the planet, and uses the instruments of architecture and construction (how we innovate, build and live), music (how we express and educate) and diving (our connection to our first home, the sea) to form a holistic balanced approach to working, living and playing.

After completing his BArch at the University of Cape Town, Ron moved back to Malawi and started his own practice: Blue Green Planet - a multi-disciplinary organisation encompassing architectural design and construction (blue~green architecture & design), music production and promotion (blue~green music) and sub aqua diving (blue planet diving).

Ron’s career highlights include:

2011 RIBA Award: Chelsea Academy – Winner, Shortlisted for Stirling Prize

2011 Building Award: Chelsea Academy -Public Building of the Year

2007 Invited Author: The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture - Africa section

2006 Invited Speaker: AJ Conference - Colour in Design

2004 Author: The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture -Africa section

2003 Published: Architectural Review - Mzuzu University Medical Centre (July Issue)

2003 Published: Blueprint - Mzuzu University Medical Centre (February Issue)

1995 Corobrik Prize: Best 3rd Year Building in Brick

1995 Cape Institute of Architects Measured Drawing Prize

1995 Deans Merit List

Nkomba - are a contemporary African folk band who play an energetic mixture of Malawian folk songs and African roots music. The band is led by Ron Nkomba who performs on guitar, mandolin and harmonica and sings in English & Chichewa, the national languages of Malawi. As well as interpretations of traditional Malawian folk songs, their compositions draw on experiences and influences from Europe, Asia and Africa which reflect their up-bringing.

Nkomba are an impassioned band whose songs provide insightful social and political storytelling and commentary, from the current devastation of deforestation and the plight of women in Malawi to present day UK politics. They have played numerous gigs in Egypt, Eastern & Southern Africa, Malawi and Europe.

One of Ron’s songs - serves as background for a recent Village Impact video - A woman’s work is never done.