Sinai Gulf to Gulf Expedition
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Lengthen Your Stride

In celebration of the launch of International Decade of Biodiversity...

We - Guy Powiecki, Garreth Waterworth Owen and Gary Waterworth Owen completed between November and December 2009 a Lengthen Your Stride, 32 day expedition, blazing a new 370 km. trail - from the Gulf of Suez, across the Sinai Desert, to and below the Gulf of Aqaba - supported by 7 Bedouin (including: Khaled Salman - the Scorpion Prince), 14 camels and a dog named: Mangool.

Reboot LeadershipReboot Leadership

Take a look at 32 days in 10 minutes:


For a quick ‘snap shot’ take a look at this E-brochure:


United Nations Decade of Biodiversity

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