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Wilderness Warrior photos by Jimmy Nelson

Wilderness Warrior is a unique Cause related initiative engaging participants with a life changing opportunity to take stock of their lives and share resilient life skills with Samburu Warriors and Wildlife Scouts on the front line of community based development and nature conservation in the remote region of north eastern Kenya. We know of no better a Wilderness Warrior than Helen Douglas-Dufresne who leads some of the best wilderness conservation progammes in Africa.

During these unique expeditions, selected particpants will learn first hand about Community Based Development, Cultural Values and Valued Cultures, Respect, Responsibility and Rights, Creating Shared Value, Global Citizenship, Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility, Design for Social Impact, Climate Change, Conservation, Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.

They will be inspired and equipped with new skills to return home - eager to help embed effective and innovative solutions to the global challenges now confronting every individual, company and community on planet earth.

The benefits for business and industry that support this programme will be numerous - it will also blaze a trail towards responsible leadership that will help align business with social impact, enhance brand image, embed shared value thinking, enhance corporate ‘green team’ development and leadership programmes in addressing critical environmental, social and prosperity issues.

Wilderness Warrior is supported by ResponseAbility Ally Robert Swan OBE

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”. ~ Robert Swan OBE.


“The challenge in the world today is not the lack of information; it is the lack of inspiration. Our job is to inspire people - to get them to believe the journey is possible - by showing them small, achievable steps.” -Robert Swan OBE

For more information on how you and / or your organisation can support and be involved with this programme, email: gary@responseabilityalliance.com

Wilderness Warrior Photos by Jimmy Nelson


Photography by Jimmy Nelson