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We are in the midst of a Responsibility Revolution, affecting corporate, workplace and social reputation. Increasing awareness of many disruptive global realities is unsettling and is forcing business to account for its impact on the environment, society and livelihoods.

A major challenge is ‘how to’ educate, engage and embed values, attitudes and behaviours that increase positive results and enhance reputation. Governments around the world are struggling to meet a growing demand for services as well as to finance economic development and environmental sustainability.

“Education is not about teaching people what they do not know. It’s about teaching them to behave as they do not behave.” John Ruskin

Does the opportunity for a new economic model exist? Can a new approach to capitalism emerge where investors, markets and financial institutions create shared value and prosperity? A world where business generates financial return while also creating positive societal, environmental and economic benefit?

The answer is YES!  BUT we need to Get REAL (Responsible Environmentally Aware Leadership ©) ASAP !


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Since 1992 - Gary Waterworth Owen has ensured that Responsibility has been the central focus of his environmental, leadership and management programmes and projects.

Along with luminaries such as: Barack Obama, Oprah, Denis Waitley, Jack Canfield, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Rudy Giuliani, Pope John Paul, Tom Peters, Mark Victor Hansen, Warren Bennis and Bob Proctor to name a few, Gary is a contributing author to the best seller: Responsibility 911 - an anthology that makes a strong and diversified case for the role responsibility plays in a free society and is an inspiring year long executive/employee training tool of insight into what keeps freedom and democracy alive.

Our management and leadership learning journey’s and training programmes draw on thirty years experience of expeditions, social entrepreneurship, community based development, nature conservation, sustainable design, management and leadership training, in: Europe, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Mauritius, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Egypt . Gary also worked closely with his good friend Stephen Covey on delivering leadership training programmes on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in Mauritius and in Uganda whose main proponent is a ResponseAbility Alliance ally Stone Kyambadde

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Get REAL incorporates decades of academic and social entrepreneurship rigour with up-to-date knowledge about key issues related to global realities and sustainable development themes from many disciplines. Programme input and related exercises have been developed through extensive consultation, review, evaluation and real world experience with ResponseAbility Alliance allies.

Get REAL helps participants better understand the world in which they live, addressing the complexity, interdependency and interconnectedness of pressing global issues that when seen through others eyes - exposes unlimited possibility and opportunity.

Get REAL material is authentic and derived from past and present projects and programmes. We do not promise some miracle ‘Sustainability SatNav’, but a serious exploration into routes, maps and models that work, don’t work and could work.

Get REAL distills core social entrepreneurship skills so that those responsible to create long-term business models with economic, environmental and social value can ensure that available resources are used effectively to create impact relative to the investment and taking that impact to scale, then doing whatever is necessary, to ensure that form follows function.

A non-exhaustive list of Get REAL - inputs and related interactive exercises, include:

The Map is NOT the Territory - Joining the Dots and Blind Spots.

Planet, People, Prosperity, Wilderness, Wisdom and Wealth - There is no PLANet B!

The Responsibility Revolution - Rebooting Leadership. 

Sustainability Beyond Kumbaya - Reinventing Management.

Roots, Shoots and Fruits - You Can’t Enjoy the Fruits, Without Taking Care of the Roots.

The Eureka Experience - Take Things Personally.

Goals, Guts and Greatness - What’s holding you and your company back?

Lengthen Your Stride and Walk Your Talk - Towards a More Responsible Future.


Success and sustainability is not about being the best IN the world but about being the best FOR the world.