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Eva Hamilton MBE

Eva Hamilton MBE - Co-Founder The Warrior Programme

Eva worked for 18 years at 'Business In The Community' (BITC) fostering responsible business partnerships that work towards social goals. BITC now has over 750 companies embracing the concept of corporate social responsibility, working to create life changing opportunities for those who most need a helping hand.

At BITC, Eva headed the HRH The Prince of Wales 'Seeing is Believing' programme, and spent 10 years setting up and running Business Action on Homelessness which has become a remarkably effective model in tackling this issue. The programme helps reintegrate homeless people back to work by facilitating channels into employment, and in so doing, breaks the vicious circle into which victims of homelessness often fall. Her experience on this programme made Eva realise the importance of addressing the causes rather than the symptoms of peoples issues which was the inspiration for her establishing the Warrior Programme.

Eva Hamilton is an ideas generator - pioneering new and radical approaches to dealing with some of the UK's most intractable social problems. The organisational models that she has devised and initiated have been taken up by organisations throughout the UK and cross the public, voluntary and private sectors in encouraging innovation in the way that marginalised communities are empowered and supported. In 2005 she was awarded an MBE by HRH The Prince of Wales with whom she has been closely associated for 20 years.

Eva was born and grew up in Ireland. At the age of 18 she spent time in Calcutta working in one of Mother Theresa's homes for the dying. This was a life changing experience and shaped her understanding of social problems as being more than material deprivation, but having strong, emotional and spiritual dimensions at their root.

On coming to England she worked at Business in the Community heading first of all HRH The Prince of Wales' Seeing is Believing Programme and then pioneering a new approach to how corporate Britain tackles homelessness, through the multimillion pound Corporate Social Responsibility programme, Business Action on Homelessness. The latter was the subject of a three part BBC2 programme Headhunting the Homeless which followed Eva's work over a period of a year and documented the way that she tackled the then indifference of corporate Britain to issues such as homelessness.

As a sufferer of bi-polarism - a factor which has dramatically shaped Eva's outlook - Eva has successfully balanced a family of two young children, her full-time commitment to her campaigning and attention to her own well-being, physical and mental health. As a result of her own direct mental and emotional health experiences, she has been continually struck at how the emotional and psychological causes of social deprivation including, homelessness, prostitution and addiction were not adequately addressed by mainstream agencies and conventional approaches.

After 18 years at Business in the Community, Eva, along with colleague, Charlotte Cole, set up the Warrior Programme aimed specifically at addressing the root causes of emotional trauma.




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